Typical energy usage

Typically an average domestic house will require 1kw (10 old 100watt light bulbs) to 2.5kw (electric kettle 2000w=2kw) wind turbine. A bed and breakfast/small guest house, public house, a small commercial business will need 5kw to 10kw wind turbine installation. Wind turbines will not supply you with all your electricity needs but will reduce your electricity bill significantly.


Using the new generation ESB smart meters a wind turbine will feedback into the ESB network generating income on your ESB bill account when you are at work, at night, on holidays, closed etc. Think of all the hours you don’t use electricity and soon the economics of wind energy start to make sense. Wind turbine masts are made to order to suit various designs and sizes of wind turbines. Please discuss your design requirements with our sale team.